Senior Chief Petty Officer, Peter King (Irish Naval Service Reserve) was to retire in February 2004 after 44 years service, was tragically killed in a car crash while travelling through Liverpool on Wednesday 8th October 2003. with his Wife Dymphna for 35 years also lost her life. They had visited the UK to be with their daughter Tara to celebrate the 1st birthday of one of Peter and Dymphna's grandchildren. Sadly two more in the car with Peter and Dymphna also lost their lives, Their daughter Tara's mother-in-law Mrs Barbara George and her mother-in-laws sister (Mrs. Stella Murphy) died in the car accident. The car was driven by Stella Murphy's Husband. He miracously survived this terrible tragedy. In keeping with tradition Peter was rendered full Naval Honours. All sections of the Defence Forces were represented. A Piper from the Irish Air Force led the cortege along the route to the grave. Lined up on each side was senior Officers, N.C.O's and Ratings from the Naval Service, Naval Service Reserve, Irish Army, Army Reserve, Irish Naval Association, and Organisation of National ex-service men and Women and many other organisations who were present to support Peter's and Dymphna's extended families. Senior Chief King's commanding officer Lt.Cdr.Vincent Smallhorne presented the family with a certificate of Senior Chief King's service which was 44 Years and 8 days.Tara's husband and some of his family came to Dublin to support his wife Tara and her three brothers Marcus (eldest son) and her other twin brothers Peter and Richard. It adds to all their grief that Tara and her husband accompanied by Peter and Dymphna's family returned to England to prepare for the burial of Tara's husband's Mother and Aunt. Their parish Priest in London came to Dublin to support Tara and her Husband and returned with them to London for the funerals over there. S.C.P.O King will be sadly missed by all who served and sailed with him over the 43 years as he strived to give his full committment to the Naval Service Reserve, while bulding a home, rearing his family and achieving a senior position in the educational sector as a senior lecturer. The Naval Association extend deepest sympathy to Peter and Dymphna's family here in Ireland and to Tara's Husbamd's family in England.